Mobility and IoT technology
Digital Warehouse Management
InStock digital warehouse solution provides organizations with applications designed to support and optimize both daily operations and decision-making with features including hands-free options, SKU tracking, intelligent equipment connections and data analysis.
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InStock products improve warehousing management processes. The PTL (Pick-to-Light) automated picking solution locates the physical goods and verifies the outbound/inbound inventory based on the RFID tags. AGV robot, stackers and arms are operated by InStock commanding solution to manage picking and transferring actions as well. Professional controlling system like CSS (Collecting Sending System) or ASS (Automated Sorting System) has been introduced in InStock as IoT component.
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InStock is certified by SAP integration
InStock can be seamlessly integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics GP, to exchange data using industry standards protocols such as ALE (IDocs), EDI (X.12) or Web Services (XML). Instock bridges the gap between systems to create an integrated and automated landscape for supply chain operations.
SAP® Certified - InStock
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InStock uses IPAS (Inossem Protocol Accessing Service) solution for integration.
Credentials with SAP S4HANA, Oracle EBS and Microsoft GP Dynamic system
Evaluation and Sizing the solution
If you need an evaluation on hardware, software and requirements based on current needs or investment expectations, you may take this quick survey (about 10 minutes) for a digital warehouse setup report estimation.
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Success Story
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Inossem successfully implemented a smart warehouse management system for a PPE customer under a very tight deadline. InStock features addressed the flexibility that was expected, integration with QR code and provided easy access through various platforms. InStock provides user-friendly functions to improve operational efficiency.
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